Papers and Presentations

Presentations and Papers

Page content last updated Feb. 7, 2013
Copyright 2011-2013 Larry Benko, W0QE
Presentation on "Electronic Design for the Hobbyist" which was presented to the Boulder Amateur Radio Club in Feb. 2013.  It is being distributed as a pdf file with clickable links.  Click here for the pdf file.

Video on "Understanding Transmission Lines"
which is 86 minutes long and available in 2 resolutions.
Click here for the high resolution (75MB 1440x1048 mp4 format) or here for the lower resolution (39MB 720x576 mp4 format).  These videos will play in your browser or can be downloaded and played in a player of your choice.  A pdf file of the videos is available here.  This video is similar to a talk I gave to the Boulder Amateur Radio Club in Jun. 2009. 
Subsequent to the production of this video the Smith Chart program SimSmith (ver. 6.2 and later) has added component Q and transmission line loss that correctly vary with frequency thru VHF. 

Talk on "Antenna Tuners" given to the Boulder Amateur Radio Club in Jun. 2011.  Click here to download the pdf file.