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SimSmith is in my opinion one of the best ways to learn and better understand RF (radio frequency) concepts.
I would like to see the RF competency within the amateur radio community grow and SimSmith can be instrumental to that goal.  I decided to do several videos to explain SimSmith and how to use it to solve typical RF problems.  I have been a longtime beta tester of SimSmith and have produced over 20 SimSmith videos on YouTube.  Please enjoy them!

These videos can be accessed by going to and entering W0QE in the search window or you can click here "YouTube Channel W0QE"
The "SimSmith Basics" series consists of 13 videos and is an excellent place to start if you are not familiar with SimSmith or you wish to improve your understanding of RF topics.  Click on the Play button below to begin or you can click on the 3 white horizontal bars in the upper left corner below and select any video from the playlist.
The "SimSmith Other" series consists of 8 videos and contains topics that I think are more advanced.  Click on the Play button below to begin or you can click on the 3 white horizontal bars in the upper left corner below and select any video from the playlist.
Click below to download the SimSmith files in used in the videos (zip format)

Harmonics Video #9 (Advanced), click here to download the files.
Loads for Testing Circuits Video #10 (Advanced), click here to download the files.
Filter Load Harmonic Analysis #11 (Advanced), click here to download the files.
There have been many Smith Chart programs for computers over the years.  If you aren't familiar with the Smith Chart click here for a Wikipedia description.  These early Smith Chart programs were really not much more than specialized graphing programs and basically were meant to replace paper Smith Charts.

SimSmith has been around since about 2011 and is written by Ward Harriman, AE6TY and runs on Windows 64 & 32, Apple Mac OS X, and Linux machines.  It is totally free with absolutely no viruses, nag screens, pop ups, or crippled features.  It is downloadable from AE6TY's website by clicking  SimSmith started as a rudumentary Smith Chart program but it has grown into a competitent analysis program that can solve a large number of common RF problems.
Features include: 
1.) All typical Smith Chart operations including graphing
2.) Numerical display of voltages, currents, and power for all components
3.) Use real parts with finite Q's and transmission lines with familiar numbers such as RG-213.
4.) Many generator types such as constant voltage, constant current, Zo impedance, auto-matching etc.
5.) Ability to analyze complex circuits and not be limited to a "ladder" type circuit
6.) Operates in real time to allow dragging component values and easily see the underlying circuit concepts
7.) Impedances can be specified as files which vary as a function of frequency
8.) Read data from many small VNA's and EZNEC
9.) Extensive plotting of all parameter's on log-log, log-linear, linear-log square charts or the SmithChart
10.) Flexible units for those who prefer watts and not dB relative to watts appealing to some people