Click here for a 2003 US Counties PDF Map (4.4MB) (including Broomfield, CO) that came from the US Census.

If you are looking for the county name abbreviations for the MARAC CW contest, click here for pdf format or here for MSWord doc format.

At the 2007 MARAC National Convention I ran the "Mobile Bakeoff" which measured the signals from many mobiles.  The basic results can be downloaded here in pdf format.

I did a talk on county hunting for a local club in Dec. 2007 and if anyone else is doing something similar you are welcome to use the material "as is" or as a starting point.  It is in both MS PowerPoint format and pdf format.

Leo, WY7LL made a humorous video about county hunting which can be viewed by clicking the WY7LL_CH_Video_Feb2010.wmv link.
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County Hunting

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